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DUI/Drunk Driving
I have a reputation for aggressively representing those who have been charged with DUI. I examine every factor that could affect your case. As former Cook County Public Defender, I have much experience in understanding both sides of the case. There are many procedures that a police officer must follow during his or her investigation of a DUI. An officer's failure to perform any one of these procedures could result in a dismissal of your case. How will you know if you are one of these people who should have his or her case dismissed? You won't know, unless you hire a qualified, highly experienced attorney. It is critical that you contact an attorney as soon as possible after you are arrested and charged.

Drug Crimes/Trafficking
The most common drug charges are possession, possession with intent to sell, sale, prescription fraud and drug trafficking. Many drug crimes have "minimum mandatory" sentences. This type of sentence involves a severe sentence of several years in prison. These crimes are not considered "Violent" by prosecuting authorities. However, these sentences are often more severe than those received by people who have committed serious, violent crimes. It is critical that you hire an attorney who knows how drug deals are made, about drug sales, tricks and tactics used by police in order to catch someone selling or buying drugs.

Domestic Battery
You can almost always guarantee that when the police are called for a domestic battery, the alleged batterer is going to be arrested. This type of charge can have devastating consequences. After you are arrested, you cannot be released until you see a judge. Typically, this means that you will spend one night in jail before you see the judge. Typically, there will be an "Order of Protection" imposed by the Court. This means that you cannot have any contact whatsoever, direct or indirect, with the alleged victim. In essence, that means you cannot go home, you cannot see your family, you cannot see your children, and if you and the alleged victim work together, you cannot go to your job. An allegation of domestic abuse can lead to injunctions (restraining orders) and other restraints on your ability to work and live freely. We handle many of these cases. I aggressively defend these cases, which often are nothing more than a verbal dispute between spouses. Once we are hired, we will usually move to change the "No Contact" order so that you can resume your normal routine until the case is over.

General Criminal Defense
 I aggressively and zealously defend the rights of those who have been accused of any crime, including but not limited to the following:Arson; Assault; Assault and Battery; Sexual Assault; Bribery; Child Exploitation; Child Pornography; Internet Fraud; Stalking; Domestic Violence; Drug Crimes; Prescription Fraud; Embezzlement; Extortion; Failure to Register; Forgery; Fraud; Hate Crimes; Homicide; Indecent Exposure; Lewdness; Manslaughter; Vehicular Homicide; Molestation; Money Laundering; Murder; Obscenity; Pornography; Prostitution; RICO; Rape; Sexual Offenses; Theft; Robbery; Burglary of Dwelling.